As we know that moodle is one of the powerful learning management platforms.As the Categories community is growing the threat of exploiters also increase. In this blog I will discuss about the up-gradation of moodle from 1 S to 22 This is a major version upgrade. I will give you a step by step guide to a clean upgrade.Please follow the steps below and make sure you don’t miss anything.

1.Put your current moodle site on maintenance mode. , Moodle ( 8 )

2. Backup everything

1_ Database in this case we have MySQL database and the command you have to use ., Nagios ( 3) for the backup is mysqldump —u username -ppassword dbname > dbname.sql
2. Now backup the moodle data folder you can find the location form the config.php in Open Source ( 9) the moodle root directory. Parameter is SCFG->dataroot = /opt/moodledata’;
3. Execute tar zcvf moodledata.tgz /optlmoodledata
3. Copy the new moodle version 2.2 .
4. If moodle url is changed please execute this command sed -e s/ dbname.sql > newdbname.sql
5. Restore the database and moodle data and change the configuration file
1. Change the conhig file $CFG- >wwwroot

2. Restore the database mysql —u username -ppassword dbname < dbname.sql How to securely and effectively erase a (newdbname.sql in case the un is changed) 3. Open the ur1 http:Ilservemame 4. An auto update script will run. That’s ¡t you have successfully upgrade the moodle from version 1 .9 to 2.2. Now you can enjoy the new features of moodle 2.2