We design and build network infrastructure based on business requirements, we have long experience and demonstrate skill level in building LAN, WLAN, WAN infrastructure. We have certified engineering team on all these networking technology. We are experienced in building networks for Banks, telecom, large educational institutes, internet service provider on CISCO, Juniper, D-Link, Netgear etc.
Security system IPCCTV
IPCCTV is the modern day replacement of analogue close circuit camera. Business using CCTV for surveillance is particularly common these days. As a separate system implementation of CCTV can be expensive and maintenance can be troublesome. IPCCTV cuts down most of the overhead related to implementation and maintenance
Wi-Fi installation
Xeois help organisations develop secured seamless wireless network across the campus using array of access point, can optimize it for load balance and high performance as per requirement. We design networks for enterprise network integration as well as provision for guest users over multiple VLANS. We integrate radius and LDAP/Directory service for Authentication. Product: LDAP, Windows AD, Free Radius, Protocol: WPA2 enterprise, VLAN, radius, 802.1x authentication Hardware: D-link, netgear, CISCO or others We are experienced setting up small and medium enterprise using 802.11a/b/g/n in a three dimensional floor infrastructure
  • Can be installed with any network point
  • No additional power required
  • Recording can be integrated to existing storage
  • No additional monitoring station required
  • Can be accessed from any where
  • Viewed from any mobile devices
  • Can be integrated to IP-PBX system
  • Easier to review and analyze footage
  • Can be integrated the existing systems monitoring system
  • Site survey for camera location, camera type, and lens type
  • Setup monitoring and recording software
  • Provide operational training
We are experienced working with Level1, Grandstream, D-link IPCCTV for small and medium installations.