Xeois implements enterprise class document management system Alfresco, for your business settings; using open source with zero licensing overhead. We provide with document management system implementation service on your Data Centre or as a hosted service on the cloud. We help you with defining document workflow integrated to your business process and much more.

Document management and collaboration is one of the major challenges in today’s business. We try to manage it with free/paid cloud offerings, direct file storage, wiki or various other ways. Many callsAlfresco as a Microsoft SharePoint portalalternative, in reality is it much more then an alternative to SharePoint portal.

Alfresco is an enterprise document and content management system. Alfresco is an Open Source Open Standard and enterprise scale content management system. Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance.

XeoIS provides both community edition and enterprise edition implementation ofalfresco. Contact with us now to discuss about your alfresco requirements and get an estimate for your Alfresco implementation

Xeois offers the following Services on alfresco

  • Consultation for integrating alfresco in your business process
  • On-going Support, updates and upgrades
  • Document migration from other document management system
  • Alfresco Training
  • Alfresco consulting
  • Configuration & deployment
  • Architectural or feasibility consultation
  • Customizations and Module development
  • Integration to other enterprise applications

Contact with us now for your free Assessment on your alfresco requirement by one of our document management analyst

XeoIS helps you implement alfresco for your business by integrating it with your existing application and addressing your complete workflow need, integrated in to your business process.

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  • Our analyst understands your document/content management requirements
  • We propose how Alfresco ECM can be integrated to your business process add value to your business
  • We propose an implementation scope inclusive of other systems integration as well as business process integration


  • Implement alfresco as per your business requirement with implementation documentation
  • Training on content management with alfresco, and administration
  • Develop and deploy and integrate document management workflow best fits your business process
  • Address all additional integration aspect as per your business requirement
  • Help you migrate your existing content to alfresco

Post implementation Support

  • Provide yearly maintenance on the implemented system
  • Keep you updated latest on open source document management

Alfresco includes

  • A content repository
  • Web portal framework
  • Windows file sharing interface
  • A web content management system
  • Record management repository

Alfresco Share Interface enables global teams to collaborate on content, with new social features like status updates, content activity streams, tagging & search Automatic Version Control Easily allows users to track major and minor versions of documents with an audit trail Microsoft Office Integration Alfresco is similar to Microsoft SharePoint portal, allowing users to upload, check-in, check-out and modify content right from MS Office. Alfresco also has support from iOS and Android apps

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Contact with us now for your free Assessment on your alfresco requirement by one of our document management analyst