In today’s world with the growing application and process need, Datacentre’s has become one of the key focus points of most IT installation, be it in a cloud or locally hosted. Xeois helps organisations design and build and manage datacentres/their own cloud system. Our scope of work includes capacity planning, power requirement analysis. Understanding organization and application need and perform, process, memory and storage equipment analysis. We help you source, servers, data centre network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, virtualization solution, redundant power backup solution, disaster recovery solution and finally the monitoring solution. Xeois strategically partners with hardware and software vendors to provide and source best of the class solution as per business requirement.
Hardware/Server Virtualization
Hardware virtualization has become has integral part of any data centre. Xeois supports some of the major hypervisors commonly used in the industry. We provide implementation planning with system scaling and high-availability, installation, configuring, documentation and support alongside the product. Presently we provide support for both commartial and free implementation of Proxmox VE and citrix xen. Contact sales for your product and implementation quote. Key advantage in Server Virtualization:
  • Consolidation
  • Increased utilization
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Dynamic fault tolerance against software failures
  • Hardware fault tolerance
  • The ability to securely separate virtual operating systems
  • The ability to support legacy software as well as new OS instances on the same computer hardware.
Storage is an integral part of any modern datacentre and cloud systems. It is used heavily most virtualized environment; stores user data, virtual systems and application data; provides recovery against hardware failure, human error; with no virtual limit on scalability or performance enhancements, saves on power consumption, maximize the resource use. Finally provides simplified management of organization data. We are experienced deploying storages such as nexenta, openfiler, netapp. These storage servers commonly provides unified SAN, NAS protocol suite, virtualization, high availability and block replication, multi-level data production.
Network and systems monitoring:
We recognize our clients requirement for service uptime, quick response, service level agreemen t, early failure detection has become a critical part their business. We help design build effective network monitoring system, by identifying critical network points, identifying service and network dependency. We provide with a solution for by monitoring system and network health for slow of failing points, and create notification on warning and outage with escalation matrix over email and sms alert and record it for reference. We also integrate it with help desk ticketing system. A subset of the network and system functions involved in systems and network management. We use groundwork, nagios and nagios enterprise for monitoring system