With ever growing number of application and platform, managing user database and authentication credential is one of today’s key challenges. The system requires storing various other credentials and attributes too.LDAP, AD, Active Directory, Radius, 802.1x, sync, authentication, centralized authentication For most enterprise environments we vision a central directory service, the source of all authentications and user database in a managed LDAP structure. LDAP stores: User authentication credentials, global address book, system policy, and server and service configurations. This context we also need to have authorization and accounting. LDAP system can be used to integrate Email and collaboration systems, unified communication system, document and record management systems, wireless/802.1x enterprise authentication systems, other ERP and content management system for access control, user information and accounting.
Xeo’s expert engineers work with OpenLDAP, Redhat directory service, 389ds or windows directory service. We focus on providing, high available and salable environment. We also integrate ADS with RDS/ds389 for enterprises that already have one or more directory service. Xeo also implements FreeRadius for additional access control and accounting We provide installation, configuration, and migration, cross platform integration for these products. Please contact us for more information, we shall help you chose and implement the right solution