Managed Service by Xeo

Xeo managed service provides single-source tech service and support for your IT infrastructure. Xeo has a skilled team of people to support enterprise applications,  business data center, network infrastructure etc. We ensure your operations are integrated, cost effective and reliable.
We mange your system as per the Service Level Agreement with our client which includes,  automated fault reporting, 24/7 help desk, support escalation, issue resolution time. We provide backup and restoration service and also ensure highest levels of performance.

We specialize in supporting Open Source applications listed on our Open Source Products and Open Source Solutions page page. Our Specializations also includes communication and collaboration platforms,data centers, as well as network infrastructure.

Xeo provides you managed services with SLA for

  • For existing infrastructure
  • Deployments done by Xeo

How we help with SLA

Our Managed Services are based on Service Level Agreements with our clients. We ensure system uptime, quality of service, systems and administrative support  etc. as required to run your business applications and system on its peak performance. While you focus on your business; we ensure that your systems are always managed by best technical support at its peak performance.  As a pert of our SLA we also optimize the systems for greater integration with your business process.

Xeo’s managed services are designed to

  • Continuous system monitoring and proactive support with escalation
  • Maintain infrastructure for high availability, sustainability and scalability
  • Ensure peak systems performance at all time
  • Provide real time support through helpdesk for systems managers and end users
  • Help you Integrate new systems with existing systems and applications to improve your business process
  • Permit orderly Change Management for system and software updates and upgrades

How we help with SLA

  • Systems monitoring and troubleshooting, identifying the problem before it occurs and finding performance bottlenecks and addressing them accordingly
  • Managed Helpdesk, a single point of technical support for all your technical needs
  • Supporting Call Escalation to the product vendor or community depending on the nature of the product
  • Ensuring Regular System Backup and performing recovery  by regularly testing and upgrading disaster recovery plans as systems evolve
  • Systems documentation  maintained by following standard documentation procedures
  • Administrator and End User training for our implemented systems
  • Change Management by performing regular system updates and periodical upgrades as applicable