Moodle deployment consulting
Moodle consulting service includes in-depth understating of organizations training process (be it educational, or business organization) and provides with improvement scopes to optimize existing process with the content Moodle as an e-Learning platform. This also ensures the organization can benefit from the out of the box features available from Moodle. Xeo’s experienced consultants engage in an exercise to develop the best practices specific to the organizations process alongside the course developers and the trainers to seamlessly integrate it with Moodle e-Learning platform. The ultimate goal is to improve the effectiveness and the quality of the deliverables. The ultimate goal is to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the use of Moodle e-Learning platform
Planning and installation
Xeois ensures best implementation of Moodle for our organization. Understanding and analyzing business process and training requirement is key to Moodle installation planning. Moodle installation requires compatibility stability check of various core components like apahce, php, mysql. It also requires various performance optimization in apache, php and database level.
Course ware Development
Our end-to-end Moodle deployment and support program includes Moodle courseware Development. We can develop and present different type of content, interactive deliverable suing quiz, workshop, feedback, choice, assignment, survey, wiki etc on Moodle based on your provided reference. We also help migrating existing material to Moodle by understanding the content and the deliverable. We provide this service for out our clients immediate and long term needs. We call it Course ware development by Moodle content development and Moodle content migration as a part of our e-Learning content development service.