Besides in Educational institution Moodle as a learning management platform or e-Learning platform is being used in Call centers, BPOs, Insurance companies, Banks, Retail business, Biotech companies or any company with needs as follows
  • Any Training needs
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Roll-out Products and Services
  • Managing Compliance Training
  • Competency Tracking
  • Create and maintain collaborated knowledge base
  • Activity tracking, reporting
  • Inter organization discussion forum,
  • Web Conferencing
  • Running workshop
  • Getting employee feedback
  • Setting up Paid training with Paypal/Credit card
XeoIS is experienced deploying Open Source Moodle in all above listed scenarios integrated to your business/operations process.
XeoIS helps business and educational institutes deploy and use learning management system in an integrated way. XeoIS team has years of experienced on Moodle LMS consultancy, installation, optimization, customization, development and training to help organizations build and deliver on a Learning management system/e-Learning platform that best fits their requirement using Open Source Moodle.
Scope of Service provided by Xeo:
By understanding the business organization or educational institute’s requirement, Xeo provides deployment guidelines to best fit organization needs and help develop a better process.
Provide best of the class installation service for a secured and optimized implementation. This also ensures that the LMS/e-Learning platform installation and scalable and sustainable for future group. Also helps business with hardware scaling by understanding the usage pattern and system load.
Help develop new course material or migrate from existing one to our LMS/e-Learning platform. We help organization with both short term and long term courseware development needs.
Xeo helps customize provided LMS/e-Learning platform (Moodle) for its look and feel with theme, color and logo. Other customization includes new module development or existing module modification for seamless integration for existing learning delivery process.
Xeo provides integration of Moodle for authentication and with other document and content management system. Example, LDAP, Google apps, Alfresco etc. Find out more about.
Xeo provides hosted Moodle service in cloud. This is inclusive of management, maintenance, and administration by ensuring systems security, availability and uptime
Xeo provides Moodle support service inclusive of systems administration and management, systems monitoring, also provides end user support for course creator teachers and students.
Xeo provides comprehensive training programme the content developer and trainers on the LMS technology and training technique using Moodle.We conduct the Moodle training in Bangalore, all across India, south and East Asia.
This disclaimer is included to clarify that Xeo provides LMS and E-Learning services based on open source Moodle released under GPL license. Moodle used in this document as a product name of the project