Moodle Hosting service
We offer our own managed Moodle cloud hosting service. This service lets you use Moodle with zero in-house administrative overhead. We maintain dedicated Moodle installation for your on a dedicated or shared server. While you have full control and privacy of our dedicated installation, We take care of Systems administration of both OS and Moodle installation along side with nightly backup, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades and help you with any disaster recovery or data restoration requirement.
Moodle Support
We have support plans to address technical and administrative issues for your installation. This is a part of our Moodle managed services. Our support includes, systems administration, troubleshooting, backup recovery, operational support for the users (course creators and teachers and even students), systems monitoring to ensure up time and systems upgrade. Our dedicated support team assists by email, phone, remote login and on-site maintenance.