Xeois provides a three day (21 hours) instructor-led hands on training on Moodle training for content developers and teachers. Our audience are both trainers from educational institutes and business alike.
Target audience
For trainers in educational institute or business or government organizations. Who uses or would like to use moodle, for both classroom delivery and remote delivery
To prepare the Trainers/teachers to use Moodle to develop contents and effectively use Moodle as training platform in for both classrooms based and distance learning activity. Besides that this training also focuses technique for effectively using moodle tools and modules for evaluates student progress and student progress reporting.
By the end of this training trainers should be able to create an advanced course in Moodle. They shall be able to understand and prepare the commonly used activity and resource. Track students progress based on activity, module, course and feedback.
The trainers (students) shall also understand and shall be able to use key teaching techniques used in Moodle for effective delivery and evaluation.
This training includes a Moodle reference guide, a student handout with the reference guide and preformed on Moodle platform

Course outline:

  • Introduction to Moodle
  • Personal Account Information

    Exercise 1: practice using messaging and calendar

  • Create a basic course and reports
  • Moodle Creation Course Basics
  • Basic reports
  • Advanced reporting

    Exercise 2: Creating your own course add resource, activity, quiz and evaluate grading

  • Creating advanced and interactive courses
  • Assignments
  • Lessons
    Exercise 3: for creating interactive lesson
  • Moodle training techniques
  • Adding Social activity to the course
  • Creating quiz and populating the question bank
    Exercise 4: Managing compliance training for moodle
  • Working with blocks
  • Workshop