Elastix is Open Source software to establish Unified Communications. It is build on aAsterisk based VoIP PABX. Elastix has incorporated various other aspects of electronic communication. The end result as a unique open source open standardunified communication platform. A proper implementation of elastix is capable of addressing most of our electronic communication need in an integrated way. VoIP

With unified communications, multiple modes of business communications are seamlessly integrated. Unified communications is not a single product but a collection of elements that includes: (wikipedia)

  • Call control and multimodal communications
  • Presence
  • Instant messaging
  • Unified messaging
  • Speech
  • Conferencing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Business process integration (BPI)

Elastix can be used for all above communication activity in a unified way.

Highlighted features of Elastix (VoIP/IP telephony) and some of the highlighted features

Elastix has features and services available like: IP Telephony, Mail Server, Fax Server, Conferences, Instant Messaging Server, among others. Elastix has a repository of external modules. Modules can also be develop for unique business needs

  • Interactive voice response
  • Voice conferencing with conference room
  • Follow-me, Ring group
  • Click to dial
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Time condition
  • Calendar integration for voice notification
  • Voicemail
  • Fax-to-email
  • Support for any SIP/IAX Phones
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Call recording
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Extension Roaming
  • PBX Interconnection
  • Caller ID
  • Call back
  • Operator panel
  • Call parking and question
  • Advance Report

Such list of features can complete with any advanced IP PABX and communications system as the end user experience goes. Can be deployed and replace any Advance provisory PABX system and provide much more.

Elastix PABX/Unified Communication System being Open source and Open standard makes this offering even better as any integration and additional feature is always a module away.

  • Web management console
  • Integrated backup/restore
  • System resource monitor
  • Online update management
  • Openfire instant messaging server with ldap integration
  • Mail server with multi-domain support
  • Flash operator panel
  • Fax server based on HylaFax
  • Phone Book with click-to-dial capabilities
  • integrated to the interface : vTigerCRM and SugarCRM
  • Call centre module
  • Custom module for Elastix and FreePBX
  • Mail Integration: Outlook, Zimbra
  • Paging and PA Systems
  • IP-CCTV View and record
  • E1 Voice gateway
  • Mobile Device on android, iOS, Symbain
  • freeSWITCH
  • AsteriskNOW
  • Microsoft lync
  • Cisco Unified communication
  • Open Source Open Standard
  • Standard SIP IPPBX
  • Unified Communication
  • Comparative PABX Features
  • Web management console
  • Flash operator panel
  • Call Centre module

Elastix UC Offerings

  • Requirement analysis
  • Configuration & deployment
  • Customizations
  • Module development
  • Enterprise applications Integration
  • business process integration
  • Migrating from
  • Call centre deployment

Featured Products

  • Moodle LMS
  • ECM with Alfresco
  • Email Collaboration zimrba
  • OTRS Helpdesk
  • Nagios Enterprise Moniroting
  • Asterisk IP Pabx, Elastix
  • LDAP/AD/Radius integration
  • Managed web Hosting
  • Nexenta Storage