Unified Communication By Xeo Alfresco-Implementation

Xeo is specializes in deploying IP PBX systems for Call Centre, Businesses, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels and Retail Outlets and more. You may use just an IP PBX system to save cost and take advantage of an advanced PBX system or use unified communication system which integrates phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences and more to any handset, cell phone, or wireless or networked computer.

We use open source Elastix unified communication server which is based on an Asterisk for your business. Elastix Unified communication system comes with IP-PBX, mail server, FAX, Video conferencing, instant messaging,  CRM and call centre module. We also can integrate Elastix with other with other enterprise applications as per your business requirement. We also develop modules for your additional  requirements.

We deploy Elastix for your business setup; an source, open standard products with No Licensing Cost.

What is IP-PBX/ VoIP?

IP PBX, Unified Communicaiton, Open Source, VoIP

In the age of internet VoIP is the most powerful and productive communication platform that a business of any size can deploy. VoIP is a synonym for IP telephony or Internet telephony.VoIP is must more than traditional phone system replacement.

Deployment of VoIP has many advantages over a traditional telephony system. In-terms of advantage on infrastructure, VoIP does not require a pair of copper cable terminated for every phone sets. VoIP uses the existing IP network infrastructure, be it wired or wireless and does not need additional wiring.

VoIP assures voice quality; offers features like call forwarding, IVR, ring group, voice mail, call queue, interoffice connectivity, Fax to email, voice mail to email, seamless integration with any traditional telephony system and finally VoIP integration with other communication systems for a unified communication setup.

  • Having these added features increases productivity, adds better integration with your business processes.
  • Ability to use VoIP on the existing data network infrastructure for voice brings down the deployment cost

Elastix is an Open Source, open standard product; deployment done by Xeo, ensures lower total cost of ownership with your business process integration.

Features of VoIP

Xeo specialize in deploying VoIP systems using Elastix. The core of the system is built on Asterisk. The goal is to make the best use of this Open Source IP PBX solution to address your business needs and to work with your business processes. Some of the features we can help you deploy on your IP PBX system.

  • Call MonitoringCall Queuing, Call recording, routing, forwarding, transfer, waiting and more
  • Three way calling, conferencing
  • Ring GroupIP PBX, features, voice mail, conferencing, call forwarding, IVR
  • Video calling
  • Voicemail (group, to email, web interface)
  • Fax-to-email
  • Support for soft phones on PC or mobile devices
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Call recording
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Route by caller ID
  • Extension Roaming
  • PBX Interconnection
  • Caller ID
  • Call detail report and billing integration
  • Support of versus codec like G.729, G711, G722, GSM and more
  • Music on hold
  • Alarm
  • Call Auto Attendant
  • Support for traditional telephony and ISDN/E1 trunks
  • Customer relationship management module
  • Complete support for setting up a Call Centre/Contract Centre

Xeo can help you deploy the above features based on your business process requirement and integrate this system with your other enterprise applications. 


VoIP is used in different industry verticals. Businesses or organizations of any size can deploy VoIP to take advantage of its superior communication features, the common data/voice infrastructure and flow of VOIP technology between voice and data. In general, Xeo can deploy Elastix VOIP on your existing IP network infrastructure. This will give your company a lower total cost of ownership, assured voice quality, integration with your other communication infrastructure as a part of a grand unified communication system.


Business any size can with PBX requirement can take advantage of a VOIP infrastructure. They can use advanced  PBX features such as call forwarding, ring group, voice mail, Auto Attendant, Phone Conferencing, Call recording and monitoring, video surveillance system integration, CRM integration and much more. Phone system integrated to the network infrastructure brings down the implementation cost. The advanced PBX and communication features can be integrated with the business process help stream line communication system and add to productivity. Xeo builds a working unified communication system system integrated with your business process.


In hospitals a VoIP system can replace all the functions of a traditional PABX system such as call forwarding (to the right person), public address system, IVR, connection with remote offices, emergency ring group and much more.


A VoIP system can be deployed over an existing LAN network used for Internet connectivity, providing features like wakeup call, voice mail, call forwarding, cheap international dialling and much more. We can help you integrate process like Check in, Check out, Room Clean, Call between rooms, minibar, billing reports etc.

Traditional Call Center systems can be replaced by using Elastix IP-PBX system. This Open Source IP PBX system can be used for both inbound and outbound call center. Elastix provides all advanced call center features listed bellow



  • Web Administration
  • Do-Not-Call List Support
  • Support for breaks generation and configuration
  • Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms) during campaigns
  • Support for forms design
  • Support for generation of scripts by campaign and by queues
  • Storage of attention script
  • Support for retries in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  • Web-based agent console
  • Support for call transfer from console
  • Ability to place a call on hold


  • Support for ingoing and outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule assigned to the same agent
  • Support for call back login
  • Execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Monitoring of agent assigned to a call
  • Support for call recording by queues
  • Predictive dialing
  • Support for configuration of short call threshold
  • Maximum wait configuration of a dialed call
  • Support for activation/deactivation of prediction
  • Automatic calling from a list of numbers
  • Asynchronous events assignment


  • Breaks/rests reports
  • Call’s detail
  • Calls per hour
  • Calls per agent
  • Wait time
  • Login Logout
  • Ingoing successful calls


  • Calls per hour graph
  • Agent’s information
  • Trunks used per hour
  • Agents monitoring
  • Ingoing calls monitoring
  • Campaign monitoring

Xeo also provides support for quality tool integration, BI integration and much more. Xeo helps you implement your Call Centre setup by setting up the Call Centre software on open Source, hardware requirements analysis and finally integrating the system to your operational process.

What we offerConsultation, deployment, managed service, module development, process integration, systems integration
Xeo offers the following Services on VoIP implementation with ELASTIX.

  • Affordable setup up of your Call Centre/Contact Centre using IP PBX/VoIPsystem
  • Enterprise implementation of IP PBX/VoIP/Unified communication system
  • Specialized implementation for hospitals, hotels, education institutions, retail industry and more
  • Unified Communication (UC) or VoIP requirement analysis/consulting
  • Hardware requirement analysis for UC server deployment
  • Architectural or feasibility consultation
  • Configuration & deployment of UC or VoIP to fulfill your business requirements
  • Customizations and Module development
  • Integration to other enterprise applications
  • Consultation for and integrating UC in to your business process
  • On-going Support & Update and upgrades
  • Migration from traditional communication/telephony to UC
  • End user and administrative training (Only with other offerings)

IP PBX Integration with your other systems
We help you integrate the deployed VoIP system for the following:

  • VoIP, Business, IP PBX, Unified Communication, Open SourceOrganizations global address book integration for each end device
  • Outlook and Zimbra on click dial to take advantage of address book
  • IP PBX with vtiger CRM integration to manage customer relations and leads
  • Supported video surveillance system/ IP-CCTV Integration
  • Public address and paging system integration in to IP PBX
  • Bell systems for School integrated to IP PBX
  • Call Centre module to manage a Contact Centre for both outgoing and inbound Campaign
  • Quality tool integration for managing call quality and robust reporting for Call Centre

How we help
We start our work by understanding your requirement of IP-PBX/Unified communication system system in your business environment. We propose a solutions alined with your business process. The goal is to get the right IP PBX system running for your business, tuned to your business requirements and add significant  value to your business with a lower total cost of ownership.

Consultation and requirement analysis

ip pbx, consultaiton, requirment analysys, managed service, application integrationOur analyst understands your Unified Communication and VoIP requirements

  • We propose how Elastix as a Unified communication system can be integrated and add value to your business
  • We propose an implementation scope for Elastix, inclusive of any other data system integration required, as well as integration of your business process.
  • We also propose any additional development requirement if applicable.

Implementation and Integration

  • Training on Unified Communication and VoIP with Elastix and basic administration.
  • Develop and deploy a Unified Communication workflow to best fit your business process.
  • Address all additional integration aspects as per your business requirement.
  • Help you migrate traditional telephony and communication systems to Unified Communication and VoIP systems.

Post implementation Support/Managed Service

  • Provide yearly maintenance on the implemented system.
  • Help your business stay up to date with the latest upgrades on Unified communication and VoIP systems.