KVM hypervisor Platform
KVM Hypervisor

The KVM hypervisor (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a virtualization software for Linux running on various operating systems ( OS). The program manages and distributes resources among all connected computers where different OSs are able to stand. This allows you to run these at the same time.

KVM is an open source technology. The hypervisor forms multiple copies of one machine (clones), each viewed as an individual unit by the users.

Installing a user’s guest OS on any of the virtual machines is possible, which is independent of the host hardware. The KVM hypervisor isolates operating systems and does not allow one of them to dominate the resource-buying process. If necessary, however, it will allow virtual machine operating systems to interact with each other, will ensure file exchange or other data between them.

Around the same time, virtualization is known as the technology of creating a specific number of PCs or servers based on a single computer or server for presentation. This host has its own Processor, Disk, RAM and other parameters configuration. Resources are distributed through special software to autonomous virtual machines.

The outcome is many independently running machines, but in fact they are a series of files that are stored in the host memory. But if the server is disconnected from the local network, then the hypervisor will cease to work and the virtualization will be disrupted.

But energy too. Development of this area is therefore becoming a priority for organizations of different purposes and sizes.

Benefits of KVM Virtualisation:

  • The ability to use a changed operating system kernel and install your own distribution can your ISO image.
  • Resources are relatively in an independent position.
  • Help for a large number of Guest OS.
  • Network card emulation, all protocol support and firewall support.
  • VSN support drives administration of virtual servers.
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