Xeois provide hands on instructor led classroom based training for their customers. Sharing knowledge through documentation and training ensures sustainability, and to reach our goal sooner for deployed product and technology. Xeois helps you learn the systems workflow in your context.
Custom designed business and industry specific training programmer, immediately results in smart and productive use of the implementation. Xeois training programmer's are conducted by domain specialist instead of a generic trainer and followed by our product or system implementation. Additional Training is also provided as required.

Hight lights of our training porgramme

  • Instructor led hands on training
  • Use learning management platform to effective delivery
  • Industry specific training
  • Training for the administrator, systems managers and end users
  • Traning is focus on to ensure the best use of implemented technology
  • Provide with training material

We provide training of most of the products and solutions we provide, please contact us for detailed information.