Learning management system (LMS) for e-learning environment. We’ll help you deploy Moodle or other open source learning management system as per your needs. It can be used for learning delivery for business organizations, educational institutions as well as for selling online courses e.g. Learning Management System for e-commerce platforms.
  • An e-learning platform for instructor-led training as well as self-paced courses with the support of Virtual Learning Environment. (VLE)
  • Support for industry standard learning delivery systems such as SCORM, IMS, Lesson
  • Student group or student teacher collaboration using using Wiki, Blog, Forum, Workshop
  • Evaluation of students based on assignments, quizzes, reports, activities, grades , courses etc.
  • In addition to all the above features, LMS allows you to take feedback and conduct surveys.

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LMS being open source has no software licensing costs to be borne. We can deploy servers for any number of users as per your needs. Additionally, we also provide training and managed services on the deployed systems. This enables you to focus on your business while we manage the LMS system for you.
We also do LMS deployment for training in organisations, educational institutions, self-based learnings, virtual classrooms, etc. Lastly, we also facilitate setting up LMS as an e-commerce platform for selling courses for your business.
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We can help you provide a complete e-learning platform for educational institutions of any size. Learning management system can be used for classroom based delivery or for virtual instructor led training.

LMS is unparalleled in course management, student management and learning delivery systems which is what makes it the perfect choice for educational institutions globally.

Over the years the team at XEO has successfully completed many small and large LMS deployments and is also providing continuous managed services on the same.

Here are some of the uses of LMS in an educational setup:

  • It supports classroom-based or instructor-led trainings and distance or Virtual learning platforms
  • It supports curriculum planning and grading to measure student progress
  • It support e-learning standards such as and SCORM, IMS
  • Activity Locking for Progressive topic unlock for a self paced training
  • It supports various other application integrations such as e-mail, google and many other cloud-based repositories
  • There is no licensing fee for any scale of deployment on open source LMS.
  • It can serve a very large user base which makes it highly scalable
  • It is customizable and scalable. Scope for new Module Development and work with many existing open source modules


Organizations of any scale can benefit by using LMS for internal training and hiring programs across verticals. It facilitates employee training on a regular basis. eg: call centres, hospitals, hotels, retailers, etc.

Recruitment processes setup in LMS enhance the overall hiring by helping organisations find qualified recruits more easily.

It can also be used by organisations who train other companies to sell content to customers directly.We help setup LMS as an e-commerce platform for e-learning companies to help them sell courses online for end users. We even help with payment gateway integrations.

Here are someĀ  of the uses of LMS in any business setup:

  • Managing compliance training and competency tracking in recruitment.
  • Training internal users on new products and services
  • Inter/intra-departmental discussion forums, conducting workshops and data management
  • Collecting employee feedback by conducting surveys
  • Enterprise Class Deployment, integrated for central authentication, google doc, Mahara, email and more.
  • Virtual learning environment
  • Selling courses online with payment gateway integration

Our Services

The Xeo team has unparalleled experience in deploying Moodle or other open source systems as a learning management platform for educational institutions and businesses. We also facilitate in implementing e-commerce platforms for selling online courses.

At Xeo, we provide implementation and integration on LMS. Our specialty is in customization and understanding the requirements of the needs of our clients. We develop customized modules and LMS functionalities to integrate Moodle with our clients’ business processes and existing systems.

Our goal is to seamlessly implement and integrate Moodle LMS with our clients process

Besides process and system integration, we provide end user training on the systems deployed to ensure best value. We even provide managed services on the implemented solutions.

  • Deployment consultancy for Moodle LMS
  • Customization and development
  • Integration with your existing platform
  • Hosting services and managed support
  • Moodle training for trainers and content developers

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